Individuals & Families

Q: Do you offer any safe investments that earn more than a GIC?
A: We offer investment strategies that are similar to investing in mutual funds but offer added protection. These can be as safe as a GIC while likely to provide a higher return than the typical GIC’s return.

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Individuals & Families

Insurance Solutions

We offer a wide range of insurance solutions that meet your specific needs and financial goals.

Some ways we can use these solutions to protect and enhance your lifestyle include:

  • Preserving your estate so that your beneficiaries receive your intended inheritance by significantly decreasing the tax liability so that they can continue to enjoy their standard of living.
  • Maximizing your estate using the significant tax advantages of life insurance.
  • Protecting your quality of life and that of your loved ones against the financial impact of prolonged illness, injury or death.

Investment Strategies

We provide individuals and families with customized investment strategies that enhance and protect their financial worth, giving them peace of mind. 

Our strategies are designed to mitigate risk and the long term tax implications; for example:

  • Bypass probate, which results in prompt payment to beneficiaries (usually within 5 business days)
  • A built-in guarantee to receive most/ the full investment at maturity or death
  • Choice of funds that match your individual risk tolerance

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is important to ensure that you have the resources necessary to achieve and maintain your desired retirement lifestyle.

The sooner one starts, the easier it becomes to achieve one’s goals.
Our strategies will allow you to:

  • Receive guaranteed and tax efficient income streams at or during retirement
  • Have guarantees to receive most/ the full invested amount at maturity or death
  • Choose funds that match your risk tolerance
  • Bypasses probate resulting in prompt payment to beneficiaries (usually within 5 business days)

Estate Planning

Estate planning aims to minimize the income tax consequences as well as to expedite the process of transferring your family’s assets when the time comes. Some examples are:

  • Overfunding a life insurance policy where its proceeds transfer to the beneficiaries, tax free.
  • Purchasing segregated funds that allow their transfer directly to the beneficiaries avoiding costly and time consuming probate.
  • Updating your will to ensure that any remaining assets will be disbursed in a timely manner.

Personal Needs Analysis

In order to figure out where you currently are, find out where you would like to go and create a plan to get you there; we would need to conduct a Personal Needs Analysis. As a part of this process, we will ask you to provide us with some information and once we reviewed it; we will be able to provide you with our recommendations.

Second Opinion

Our second opinion service is independent and objective.

We examine the investments and insurance coverage that you currently have in place to determine whether these are suited to your current circumstances and risk tolerance, and how they fit with your overall financial plan.

We share our findings and recommendations with you once we are done with our analysis, without any obligation from your part.

Cash and Wealth Management

Making one-time decisions about investment mix and insurance coverage are not enough in our opinion. Life changes over time and those changes should be reflected in your portfolio makeup on an on-going basis.

We look at your complete financial picture from a holistic point of view rather than as isolated pieces in a specific moment in time.

We monitor our clients’ investment and insurance structure to ensure that their portfolio is reflecting their current needs and goals and make any necessary changes, if needed, so that they have the peace of mind to concentrate on the things that are most important to them.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Charitable giving is the process of designating charitable gifts that realize a donor’s altruistic goals, while maximizing tax and other financial benefits for the contributor.

Putting this in place ahead of time, allows you to:

  • Commit the gift to your specified charity, enjoying personal fulfillment from supporting a cause you believe in.
  • Leave funds free to produce income during your lifetime due to the gift being deferred until after the death of the donor
  • Make a substantial gift in the future, while paying small premiums today
  • Receive current charitable tax credit or a charitable tax credit for your estate

It also allows the charity to:

  • Receive larger gifts than through cash donations
  • Plan based on knowledge of future gifts
  • Receive prompt payment of the charitable gift.

Q: I’m in my 60’s. How can I invest my accumulated savings with minimum tax implication? A: We offer a variety of options that are tax efficient and either protected or fully guaranteed; hence provide you peace of mind that your savings will not erode over time.

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