A Smarter Way to Invest!

Have you been concerned with the market’s volatility but not happy with GIC returns?

Are you looking for ways to ensure that your beneficiaries will receive as much of your estate, as fast as possible?

Are you looking to protect your investment against unexpected creditors?

Let us introduce… Segregated Funds!

What are Segregated Funds?

Segregated Funds, like Mutual Funds, are a large pool of money belonging to many people, invested in stocks, bonds etc. with the goal of increasing the value of the entire pool. However, unlike Mutual Funds, Segregated Funds have special benefits that Mutual Funds do not have.

For example:

• Maturity Guarantees ensure that the value of your investment at maturity; will not be less than a specified percentage of the amount you invested

• You can choose to have the ability to ‘lock in’ market gains on your investments

• Death Benefit Guarantees ensure that your beneficiaries will receive the guaranteed amount or the market value of your investments—whichever is higher; providing an alternative life insurance option for people who cannot attain coverage due to health issues

• Ability to by-pass probate allows your beneficiaries to receive the payout faster and privately, while avoiding the applicable probate costs

• Your Segregated Fund assets may be protected from creditors in the event of bankruptcy

Also, since Segregated Funds contracts allow you to name beneficiaries – It is a great way to bequest funds to your children, grandchildren and/ or your favorite charity!

If you are a conservative investor, who likes to earn more than the typical GIC returns – Segregated Funds is the way to go!

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