About Us

Q: What type of clients do you specialize in?

A: We serve individuals, families, business owners, executives and professionals, whether they are just starting up or well established; as long as they are ready and willing to move forward.

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Bridge to Prosperity is committed to becoming a leading Holistic Wealth Management and Business Strategy firm with an emphasis on Integrity, Transparency and Excellence.


Bridge to Prosperity is focused on employing the highest professional standards in order to provide Business Owners, Professionals and Individuals with customized strategies for enhancing and protecting their financial worth.

Core Values

Bridge to Prosperity values the trust of our clients and is committed to these core values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Diligence
  • Loyalty
  • Excellence

Gerry Steckler, CPA, CMA, CLU

Founder & President
Financial & Business Strategist

I have a passion for helping business owners plan ahead, identify, utilize and exploit opportunities, negotiate better outcomes, and create a rewarding and prosperous future. Since moving back to the Vancouver area in 2010, I’ve met and worked with business professionals from a wide variety of industry sectors. I attained my CMA designation in 1999 and am licensed as an Insurance Advisor. Increasing my professional knowledge is a priority for me, so I’m continually upgrading my credentials.

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I believe that financial security is not just about a person’s current situation, it’s about the plans they make to reach the goals they’ve set for the future. My entire professional career has been in the financial industry as a finance specialist in the military for 20 years, an accountant, and more recently as a financial strategist. Regardless of their background, everyone has a relationship with money, and like all relationships, each has a history and varying degrees of success. By asking the right kind of questions, I help clients develop a financial strategy that articulates what they really want to achieve, utilizes the best financial tools, and implements wealth management choices that will meet their financial goals.

Just as we’d expect our personal focus and financial plan to change with milestones such as having a child, receiving an inheritance, or retirement; a business owner should also make adjustments to its business’ financial strategy to ensure that its current and future wealth is well protected and its resources are managed efficiently.

Bridge to prosperity introduces and implements relevant financial strategies that suit their clients’ specific needs, be it personal or corporate.

One thing I find very rewarding about being a financial strategist is getting to know the diversity of people’s interests and life passions. Everything about them transforms as they talk about what they love doing most. Being able to share my knowledge and experience about finances is like that for me.

Here, at Bridge to Prosperity we’re passionate about your success and would love to talk with you about your financial goals because we believe that seeking professional advice for your financial strategy will get you the best return for your effort and investment. Give us a call and let’s talk about possibilities.

Hagit Rotbart, BSc

Founder & CEO
Business & Financial Strategist

What can I tell you about myself? I know that improving a person or a company’s financial situation can really impact the future and the options that are open to them, and that is why I’m very passionate about what I do. Some might have this idea that people in Finance are boring number crunchers, so they’re surprised to meet someone who is so enthusiastic and forward thinking!

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I was born in Israel and moved to BC over a decade ago. For almost two decades I’ve worked with many different kinds of clients to improve a very private area of their lives, their Finances. By taking a holistic approach and looking at the big picture beyond Financial Statements and tax returns, I can really get to know my clients in order to understand what goals are important to them and why. Each company is unique and I apply my experience as both an accountant and a business strategist to help businesses fine tune their daily operations, find ways to increase cash flow, improve efficiency and even create the conditions that allow them to successfully step away from their business while still getting paid. Helping people develop an effective business strategy is a rewarding career, and I’m very excited to be able to show people how to create the lives they envision.

People ask me, what does it take to be successful? I believe that the pattern for success includes effort, consistency, and professional guidance. In my experience business owners who are consistent in their efforts and utilize professional guidance, are better positioned for favourable outcomes. Bridge to Prosperity provides the professional guidance that company owners should look for to help them make crucial and empowering financial decisions; the effort and consistency that contribute to success are up to you.

When the day’s work is done, there’s nothing I like more than spending time outside, enjoying our great outdoors. For me, the pulse of life includes continual learning about myself, my profession, and the cultures we share. As a way of giving back to the community I serve as Treasurer for The Auxiliary to BC Women’s Hospital and as a member of the Finance Committee at Vantage Point, an organization that helps non-profits develop stronger leadership skills.

If you’d like to strengthen your business strategy and improve your financial position, give us a call and let’s get started.

Q: What are your core values? A: We believe in integrity first and foremost. Our clients appreciate our honest and transparent approach. We are extremely diligent, constantly strive for excellence and fiercely loyal to our clients. Read more

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