How can you get Critical Insurance coverage for FREE??!!

Are you a business owner who has retained earnings in your company or holding company and wishes to access these funds in a tax efficient manner?

Did you know that you could leverage critical illness insurance in order to manage this health risk, while potentially being able to receive a tax-free return of your premiums?

This advanced tax efficient strategy provides you and your key executives with this important coverage, while utilizing the corporate funds and ensuring the continuity of the business in the event of an illness.

How does it work?

In the event of critical illness or death of the insured, the company receives a lump sum that could be used to;

• Reduce the financial impact that may occur due to the insured’s temporary or permanent absence from work
• Hire replacement personnel
• Pay the insured or their family to cover expenses associated with the illness or death
• Cover fixed business expenses and more

In the event that the insured stays healthy upon completion of the coverage period, they may be able to receive all paid premiums back – tax free!

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